APM Practitioner Qualification (PQ)

Who is it for

The Practitioner Qualification (PQ) is designed to test the delegate’s practical ability to apply their knowledge of good project management gained on the APM Project Management Qualification Course (PMQ)formerly known as the APMP).

It is therefore only suitable for those who have undertaken the PMQ course and passed the exam.

Benefits of Ladymead’s Practitioner Qualification

  • Enhanced potential to pass the assessments
  • Additional preparatory PQ Workshops
  • Tutor support and coaching during preparatory workshops
  • More enjoyable and deeper learning experience

Ladymead’s Unique Course structure

Our Practitioner Programme comprises of two elements:

  • Module 1 Ladymead Preparatory workshop held over 1 day. This is the training element of the programme and is specifically designed to ensure that delegates are fully prepared for the PQ Assessment Workshop.
  • Module 2 The formal APM Practitioner Qualification assessment workshops. This module is run held over a 3-day period (commencing mid- day on day 1 and completing by mid-day on day 3). It is important to bear in mind that this module is purely an assessment process as the APM assessors expect the candidates to be fully prepared prior to attending.

The PQ assessment is a challenging, robust, tried and tested process and comprises of the following;

  • Individual pre-course assessment
  • The main element of the assessment involves candidates working in small groups on a case study to address questions and exercise raised by the assessors
  • Written exam question
  • Presentation exercise
  • Interview

Crucially the assessors are looking for the candidates' practical ability to apply key project management principles.

Mere knowledge of project management will not be sufficient to pass.

The APM assessments not only cover the quality of the candidate’s responses to the management tasks allocated to them but also their communication and individual leadership skills together with their ability to work as member of a team under the leadership of others.

Ladymead Projects Modular Practitioner Programme

Course Fees

The nature of the course programme makes it particularly suitable for delivery on an in-house basis to corporate clients.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and we will prepare a priced proposal.